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Window repair needed in Amsterdam? Plumber Amsterdam is glas repair company that can help you straight away. 

It is crucial to keep your windows in peak condition. Not only do they allow light into your home, making it a pleasant place to be, but they also perform vital insulating functions. It is normal to need to maintain your windows regularly, and with over three decades of experience in the window business, we will be delighted to perform those repairs for you. When you work with us, you will experience the quickest glasservices in Amsterdam. We keep hassle to a minimum when we replace broken glass or repair a window hinge, so that you can go back to enjoying your home to the full in no time.
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Why might my windows need repairing?

Your windows are not just made of glass or insulating plastic: they contain numerous other components such as sealants, springs, hinges, and wooden frames which can wear out over time. Here are just a few of the reasons why your window might need to be repaired:

  • A rusted hinge
  • A wooden frame that has been damaged by damp
  • Screws and other fixings coming loose

And that is before we have even considered more drastic reasons for replacing a window, such as a shattered pane which requires you to replace broken glass. As the quickest glasservices in Amsterdam we will replace broken glass for you super quickly.

How do I know that it is time to call out a professional to repair my windows?

There are several warning signs that tell you that it is time to give us a call. These include:

  • Bulging, rotten, or severely flaking window frames that make it hard to open or close the window safely
  • Hinges coming loose or looking very rusty
  • A draft coming from your window, which would suggest that it is a weak point in your home’s insulation – whether due to a gap forming in the sealant between the pane and the window frame, or damage to your double glazed glass. If your home feels colder than normal, it is a good idea to go over to your windows and see if a draft is coming from them, as they may well be the culprits.

Fortunately, with our wide range of window repair skills, and our profound expertise, we will be able to put these issues right in no time as ours are the quickest glasservices in Amsterdam.

Quickest glasservices in Amsterdam

Firstly, having your windows repaired is much less costly than having them totally replaced. If you let an expert repair your windows, they will be good as new quickly without you having to undergo a lengthy and expensive replacement process. Secondly, many windows in Amsterdam have historic features that it is a good idea to preserve. If you live in a building that is a couple of centuries old (or more!), chances are, the glass is a little piece of history too. It would be a shame to throw away a perfectly good window and replace it for a modern variety just because of a rusty hinge or a frame swelling due to water damage. Repair is the low maintenance option! That said, if you need us to replace broken glass, we will always be able to perform this job to the highest standard. Often, with a many paned window, we will only need to replace broken glass on a single pane, so that your beautiful window design will remain intact.

We are happy to help with your window issues

Professional and customer focused in all that we do, we pride ourselves on being the quickest glasservices in Amsterdam. Whether you need us to replace broken glass or to remove and replace a damaged window frame, we will take care to ensure that your windows are fitted to perfection. We look after your home as if it was our own. Experience the quickest glasservices in Amsterdam today!


24/7 services we provide
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